• Hydraulic seals systems engineeringTecnotex piston seals

  • hydraulic seals systems engineeringTecnolan rod seals

    Tecnolan polyurthane rod seals TTI/L rod seals from 6.00mm to 305.00 mm

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  • 25 mm to 360 mm diameterTecnotex TPM

    Tecnotex type TPM for and excellent balance of cost verses performance. General features include ease of mounting, high abrasion resistance and low deformation. The TPM is configured with and NBR sealing element, thermoplastic support rings and acetal bearing rings. 

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  • Liquid cast polyurethaneSTR-Y95A yellow back up rings

    Increase o-ring pressures with the use of back-up rings. Polyurethane, polyester and PTFE back-up rings supplied in flat, contoured & spiral profiles. 

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  • Sakagami Seisakusho LtdHydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

    Sakagami Seisakusho Ltd. has been a specialized manufacturer of seals and packings since 1897. We offer a full line of Sakagami seals and packings for hydraulics and pneumatics applications.

  • Hydraulic seals systems engineeringTecnolan rod seals

    Tecnolan polyurethane rod seal programme has an extensive size range from 6.00 mm to 305.00 mm rod dimension. Specialised profiles and material compounds for low temperature, heavy duty and telescopic cylinder applications.

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Sealparts manages a robust supply network enabling customers to offload the administrative and operational burden of establishing and maintaining a complex industrial seal supply chain. Sealparts supplies hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals used in hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. Applications include mechanical handling, off highway, construction, agriculture, machine tools, injection moulding, food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper, power generation sectors


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